Saturday, June 4, 2011

Favorite Tea Blends (and counting)

Marty and I joke that we've become "Tea Alchemists" (hence the blog name). We buy loose tea and have fun creating our own custom blends. Sometimes they're delicious, and sometimes a train-wreck.. all in trial-and-error. We have 2 iced tea makers and a 32 oz. tea dispenser - which is great for making smaller batches and hot teas.

Some of our favorite blends include:

(Teavana) Youthberry White/Wild Orange + Jasmine
(steep 2 min. max.)

Jasmine + (Adagio) Spearmint + (Adagio) Lemongrass* (I only find lemongrass at Adagio)
(steep 2 min.)

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